My name is Konstantinos Bililis, owner of ExpertWay Transport. In 2021, I decided to start my own transport company, in the midst of the transport sector’s flourishing. However, with the increase in the volume of transports, the delivery time of goods was also increasing; a problem that wasn’t seeing an immediate solution.

As a Digital Media and Communications graduate, and with a lot of experience as a carrier/distributor in the past years, I wanted to give a solution to the problem of many companies and individuals who wanted to have any type of cargo transported quickly, efficiently and safely.

Driven from my experience and the love for the industry, I collaborated with my father, who had been working in the transport sector for two decades. Together, we have founded ExpertWay Transport: a family business focused on offering high quality transportation and distribution services to businesses and individuals at the best prices on the market.

Having the hard work, the immediacy, the personalized service and the most competitive prices on the market as our virtues, we at ExpertWay Transport, serve the transport industry with dignity, offering reliability above all.

So let us take the … weight off your shoulders!

Konstantinos Bililis


Your goods and personal items are transported safely

Our fleet consists of brand new trucks and vans that meet all safety protocols for the transport of goods and personal items.
Our drivers care for your cargo so that your transports are completed on time and without hassle.


Our Services

ExpertWay Transport is the reliable solution for your transports.We deliver fast. We deliver smart. We care for your cargo.


Transportation and distribution of goods and cargo


Transportation of furniture, electrical appliances, household appliances, households, parcels.